Windshield washer fluid is important for your vehicle and safety

Some people ignore the windshield washer fluid, not realizing how important it is for their vehicle and their safety that they keep fluid in their vehicles at all times.

Windshield washer fluid acts as a lubricant for the pump and hoses in the windshield washer system. When those parts do not get lubricated they start to break down causing cracks, leaks, or the need for a complete replacement. Replacements can be expensive and time-consuming.

The windshield washer fluid also keeps the windshield clean and clear of any debris that might block the view of the driver, making everyone in and around the vehicle safer.

Some people think water okay to use instead of the proper of fluid, But it is not. Water can cause more problems and safety concerns, and tends to leave streaks on the windshield.

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