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Why the Kia Forte Is an Excellent Commuter Sedan for San Antonio Drivers

A grey 2024 Kia Forte GT parked on a hill at sunset.

Commuters in San Antonio deserve a great vehicle so that their trips to work and back home do not add any stress to their lives. We know you’re busy, and work can add some stress already, so we want to ensure your commute does not add to your troubles. Whether you’re commuting around San Antonio or taking longer trips to Victoria or Corpus Christi, you want to have full faith in your vehicle. It should be able to manage the streets of Texas’ cities just as well as its highways.

If you've been searching for a fantastic San Antonio Kia dealer with an impressive selection and a team that's dedicated to getting you behind the wheel of a great commuter vehicle, make your first stop at Victory Kia, located in Victoria. When you step through our doors, you'll want to immediately check out the Kia Forte. These sedans are capable, safe, fun, and very affordable. We want to walk you through why the Kia Forte is ideal for commuters so that you make certain to make the Forte your next purchase. If you want commuting to be a breeze, then the Forte is your answer. Let’s see why.

Fewer Stops at the Pump

We’re all too familiar with how gas prices can fluctuate. From the COVID lows to the post-COVID highs, gas prices seem to fluctuate daily. If you don’t want to feel like your weekly budget will be thrown into chaos thanks to events totally out of your control, then the Kia Forte should be your pick. Its fuel efficiency is a hallmark, and it’s one of the initial reasons the Forte gained fame. Kia has made certain that all its vehicles are fuel efficient so that customers who buy one know they’re making a smart investment and guaranteeing themselves long-term savings.

Look no further than the 2024 Kia Forte to see fuel efficiency on full display. The FE trim of the Forte has a combined fuel economy rating of 34 MPG and a highway rating of 41 MPG. This means that, on average, you only use one gallon of gas for every 34 miles you travel; on the highway, where there’s likely to be less stop-and-go, you can go as far as 41 miles before using a gallon of gas. So, if you’re roaring down I-37, you won’t be using up nearly as much gas as others are.

This will give your bank account a break since visits to the gas station will be few and far between. You’ll be able to spend your hard-earned money on things that excite you instead of seeing it vanish at the pump. Previous models of the Kia Forte have provided mileage that is almost equal to the current model. For a while now, the Forte has been providing excellent fuel efficiency, which is why so many of our customers have fallen in love with it.

The black interior of a 2024 Kia Forte seen from above the center console.

A Comfortable and Easy Ride

When commuting around San Antonio or the surrounding areas, you want to know you can travel comfortably. If you have to do long-distance commuting from time to time, say heading all the way to Dallas or Houston, you know the importance of a welcoming driver’s seat. Texas is a large state, so it takes some time to get across; you do not want to sit in a lumpy seat or deal with a less-than-adequate infotainment system.

The Forte’s interior will always be spacious so the driver doesn’t feel cramped. After all, a driver in discomfort is a safety issue; that’s why Kia makes certain the cabin grants the driver plenty of room. You’ll also have available ventilated seats, which will be a real relief on hot, humid days thanks to the seats’ additional air circulation. The climate control is outstanding, but the ventilated seating gives you an extra boost of comfort.

Your driver’s seat will be customizable, too, with an available 10-way power-adjustable option, depending on the trim you choose. This way, you can sit in the exact position you want so that you’re satisfied no matter how long your commute is that day. This will help not just your comfort but also your level of alertness and your long-term posture.

Infotainment is also top-notch. Your Forte can easily connect to your device, and you can upgrade to a Harman Kardon 8-speaker system. However, what we love most is that while you have access to a touchscreen that can manage almost everything in your car, you also have tactile controls you can use if you prefer. We often find that drivers find using tactile controls simpler than the touchscreen, especially for volume control, when they’re driving to work. Whatever your preference is, the Forte is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Exceptional Performance

With its available 1.6L turbocharged engine that can produce 201 hp, the Forte has a bit of power behind it. That goes well with its sporty look, which ensures you’ll always look dapper when you’re on the road. You’ll be able to quickly take off from stationary, which will be a relief for those of you who too often find yourself stuck on the entrance ramp on Route 281, waiting for a long break in traffic because your current ride has awful acceleration. Trust us: having a car that can get you onto the highway with ease is invaluable.

The Forte’s drive is nimble, too, so zipping around the streets of San Antonio will be a breeze. Its high-quality engine means you won’t feel every bump in the road. In fact, even at high speeds, you will not get the sense your sedan is struggling to keep up. For those of you who have to make long-distance trips for work, you’ll be happy to know that your Forte won’t be letting you down on them. It can be stressful to take a trip when you do not have full faith in your vehicle; a Forte will give you the confidence you need, no matter where your travels take you.

A red 2024 Kia Forte parked at a San Antonio Kia dealer.

Comfort and Convenience for an Affordable Price

We’ve saved our favorite tidbit for last: you’ll get all these benefits at an affordable price. Other sedans in the same price range offer much less and have far weaker capabilities. We also know that no other models look close to as good as the Forte; you can show up at any destination proud of your sedan and how it looks.

Get Behind the Wheel of a Kia Forte Today

For San Antonio drivers, there’s no better place to visit than Victory Kia so that you can purchase a Forte and commute around all of Texas in style, safety, and comfort. We know the geography of Texas well, which is why we know that a Kia Forte is the answer to all your commuting concerns.

When you come to visit us, our customer service experts will help you select the perfect trim for your driving lifestyle so that when you leave, you’ll be leaving with a true upgrade to your automotive life. We are certain that your Monday mornings will no longer seem so dreadful since your commute will be easier in a Kia Forte.