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Commuting With Kia

A blue 2023 Kia Rio driving in the city after leaving a Kia dealer.

Do you want efficiency, affordability, plenty of safety and comfort features, and reliability for your next commuter? These are all things most drivers want, but those who commute really need. If you want a car you can count on when traffic gets heavy, and parking gets frustrating, you need a Kia. Stop by Victory Kia, your go-to Houston Kia dealer, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Kia makes a large line of affordable, reliable vehicles that are made for drivers like you. Whether you want more fuel efficiency, advanced tech for easy connectivity, or a few additional creature comforts, Kia is a brand for drivers who want to get a lot without spending a fortune. Kia is a valuable machine for those facing long hours behind the wheel. 

But which model to pick? Great question. Choosing between a good thing for you and a good thing for someone else can be tough, so we’re here to help. We’ve picked out some of the best commuters that Kia has to offer. From the electrifyingly efficient EV6 to the affordable and long-lasting Rio, there is a Kia waiting to help you battle the highways and streets of the concrete jungle.

Go-Go-Go In A Rio

Whether coming or going, the Rio looks good! The subcompact sedan offers an understated modern elegance on the outside while offering drivers lots of value and comfort on the inside. The Rio is attractive to buyers on a budget who want a reliable car with the essentials. The sedan’s noteworthy fuel economy adds to the model’s appeal.

The compact nature of the Kia Rio makes it your ideal co-pilot when navigating through crowded parking garages, busy city roads, or fitting down narrow side streets. The Rio will have no trouble maneuvering in the tight spaces of an urban landscape, making it easy and fun to drive even during rush hour.

The interior is minimalist, user-friendly, and straightforward. If you just want to get in and go, the Rio is your sedan. But don’t be fooled by appearance, despite its simple interior, drivers will notice comfortable seating and an easy-to-use touchscreen that puts the latest technology at fingertip length. With class-leading passenger room, a Best-In-Class warranty, and a 2023 Residual Value Award Recipient by J.D. Power, the Rio is a dependable little car with a lot to love.

A grey 2024 Kia Forte parked on a hill at sunset.

The Forte Hits a Strong Note With Commuters

The Kia Forte checks all the boxes on your commuter wishlist. The stylish sedan seats up to five passengers. An airy cabin makes it comfortable for drivers and passengers. The sleek looks of the Forte give it an upscale feel, yet it is affordable for drivers who want a little style without overspending.

The Forte has a reputation for delivering good gas mileage while having a reliable engine. Fuel efficient and low maintenance? See, we told you that you’d love the Forte. But there’s more to the Forte than just good looks and savings. The interior is comfortable, and the cabin roomy; this is especially important for those who spend many hours in their car, whether driving or dealing with gridlock. Innovative technology makes it simple to connect with your devices. Clear menus allow drivers to access favorite apps, playlists, and messages.

It’s also tough to mention the Forte without mentioning its rewards. The sedan was named Most Dependable Compact Car by J.D. Power in 2023 and snagged a #1 in Initial Quality Among Compact Cars award from J.D. Power in 2023 for the fifth year in a row. The Forte has so many awards, you’ll feel like a winner every time you get behind the wheel.

And if that’s not enough, the new Forte comes with an industry-leading Kia 10-year/100,000-mile limited warranty. This takes dependability to a new level.

The EV6 Will Leave You Stunned

Dealing with the daily grind of commuting doesn’t have to be expensive or mundane when you drive a Kia EV6. The EV6 is an all-electric five-passenger sporty crossover that offers style, performance, and lots of savings with every mile. If you’re thinking about going electric, the EV6 is here to transform how you commute.

In the latest EV6, drivers can get up to 310 miles per battery charge. That means fretting about what is going on with gas prices is a thing of the past. Commuters can easily charge their EV6 at home while they sleep. The EV6's tech allows drivers to remotely control the charge of their car, start their engine, and even control the cabin temperature. Surely, it can’t get more convenient than that! But wait… it does. Stop by a public charging station and enjoy DC fast charging while you pick up lunch. With DC Fast Charging, you can boost your battery quicker than ever, going from 10% to 80% in as little as eighteen minutes.

The EV6 injects a thrill into your daily drive. Responsive handling means a smooth drive when weaving through traffic or dealing with the start-stop flow of city lights. Hit the highway and go from 0-60 in under five seconds. Meanwhile, e-AWD delivers increased traction and performance for slick roads. A heat pump helps preserve your car’s range in the winter, while inside the cabin, a heated steering wheel helps keep you toasty on cold early mornings. There is heated and ventilated seating to go with that heated steering wheel and heated rear seats as well. You’re going to be the go-to driver for the office carpool when you drive an EV6. Impressive cargo room makes the EV6 capable of handling work materials, groceries, luggage, and anything else you might need.

Suppose that’s not enough to convince you to elevate your daily commute with the EV6. In that case, the electric car boasts the title of 2023 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year and was named the #1 Brand in a Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power. For drivers looking for a good-looking commuter vehicle that fits their needs and their budget, the EV6 is a very smart choice. Comfortable seating and modern style are elevated by the EV’s smooth performance. Let the rest of the world rush while you enjoy the ride in the EV6.

A grey 2021 Kia EV6 driving on a curving road.

Face the Daily Grind With Kia

Kia has a long list of impressive, affordable vehicles that give drivers a lot for their money. The automaker is popular with commuters who are looking for a reliable vehicle that not only looks great but also helps them navigate gridlock traffic, tight parking, and long days behind the wheel.

While Kia has an extended list of models to choose from, at Victory Kia, we are particularly proud of a few of our favorite commuter cars, including the compact Rio, which makes limited or small-space parking possible. The Rio gives drivers a lot of value for their dollar. The Forte sedan takes things up a notch in the style department. Its sleek, sporty design keeps turning heads. High fuel efficiency and durability mean you keep saving even after you buy. If you want style and substance, the Forte is the perfect daily driving companion. And with one look at the electric Kia, and we’re sure you’ll be in love. Not just with its pretty face but with its performance and convenience features that make it the go-to EV for commuters who want to skip the pumps altogether.

You don’t have to face long hours on the road or crawling traffic alone. You don’t have to spend a lot to stay comfortable and add a little extra jolt to your car’s performance, either. Get into a Kia and transform your daily commute into a time you can relax, reflect, and simply drive.