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5 Smart Driver-Assist Features We Love in the Kia Sorento

A white 2022 Kia Sorento is shown from the side after visiting a used Kia dealer near Corpus Christi.

Driver assistance technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past decade. These features have been proven to reduce the incidence of collisions. In fact, research shows that drivers of vehicles equipped with driver assist features have a 27 percent reduction in injury claims and a 19 percent reduction in property damage claims. Those are numbers you just can’t ignore. Getting in an accident can be physically and emotionally damaging—and it can cause an increase in your insurance premium for years. So, can you afford not to have good driver-assist features? The good news is you don’t even have to answer that question. Many of the best driver assist features have been available for several years now, and you can find terrific pre-owned Kia models equipped with these features, gaining you best-in-class safety at used car prices.

If you’re looking for a used Kia dealer near Corpus Christi and searching for an ultra-safe three-row SUV with great driver-assist features, we recommend checking out a used Kia Sorento on our lot—particularly the higher trims. This will unlock the top driver-assist features for this large SUV. When you take advantage of its seven-passenger capacity, you can feel good knowing that you’re keeping your crew safe. Here are five of our favorite driver-assist features that you can find in a used Kia Sorento. When you pay us a visit, our team can demonstrate how these systems work and make sure that you find a used model that comes equipped with all the driver assist technology that you are looking for.

#1 - Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control

If you plan on tackling long stretches of highway around Corpus Christi in your Sorento, driver fatigue becomes a real risk. Kia's Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go––Curve can take over some tasks for you and give you a little break (though you always should keep your eyes on the road). This system communicates with your navigation system to know what roads you’re on and the speed limits where you’re driving. As with regular cruise control, you can set your desired speed, but this system will automatically adjust it to abide by the local speed limit and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

What’s particularly impressive about this feature, however, is the curve function. When it learns from the navigation that there is a curve up ahead, the vehicle will automatically decelerate while taking the curve and accelerate again once you’ve passed the curve. This is a great feature for those who drive on highways that aren’t completely straight, as it allows you to keep using cruise control while safely navigating a changing road structure.

#2 - Safe Exit Assist

Getting out of your vehicle can be a hectic moment. Between gathering your things, making sure all the windows are up, and securing valuables, there’s a lot to focus on. Whether or not it’s safe to exit the vehicle might skip your attention. Luckily, Safe Exit Assist knows when you’ve parked your Sorento, and when a rear passenger opens their door, it will provide an audible warning if a vehicle is approaching from the rear.

If you travel with young children in the back, you’ll appreciate that this system takes child safety a step further. When the child safety lock button is activated, if this system detects a rear-approaching vehicle, it will not allow backseat passengers to open their doors—even if the driver has attempted to deactivate the child safety locks. Distractions happen, but even if you didn’t notice that it wasn’t safe for rear-seat passengers to exit the vehicle, your Sorento noticed and will take action to protect occupants.

#3 - Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist

Many vehicles today have a form of automatic emergency braking, which takes over braking to prevent an accident with a vehicle in front of you. What we love about the Sorento, though, is the addition of Cyclist Detection and Pedestrian Detection. Older vehicles can often only detect a possible crash with another car, but this system detects people who aren’t in cars and automatically hits the brakes if you’re at risk of hitting them.

This multi-functional system also boasts Junction Turning Detection. If you have your turn signal on and are turning left, it will watch for oncoming traffic in the lanes you are crossing and apply the brakes if a potential collision is detected. In those scary moments right before a crash, sometimes you don’t have time to react. But the Sorento can react for you and prevent devastating collisions.

#4 - Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist

Getting in and out of tight parking spots is never easy, even with a rear camera monitor (which the Kia Sorento also has). Most drivers can’t accurately guess how far they are from objects in front of or behind their vehicles, and overestimating the distance can lead to pricey dings and scratches. The Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist feature on the Sorento will warn you when you are getting too close to an obstacle behind you. If you activate the Active Assist mode, then it can automatically apply the brakes to prevent an accident. It’s also worth noting that when you are in reverse, the Sorento’s backup camera shows grid lines that adjust as you steer, showing you the direction of the vehicle for easier and more precise parking.

#5 - Highway Driving Assist

Finally, we love Highway Driving Assist. This differs from Smart Cruise Control in that it controls not only your speed but also your steering. It works in conjunction with Smart Cruise Control and Lane Following Assist. When the proper conditions are met on highways where information is available, it will control your speed and help keep you centered in your lane. Again, when you drive for long stretches across Texas, manually handling every tiny vehicle adjustment becomes exhausting. This system can take some of the work out of highway driving for you, so you can conserve your energy for more hands-on city driving.

A white 2022 Kia Sorento is shown from the rear driving on a tree-lined road.

The Kia Sorento Is Your Better Driving Companion

Even the best drivers get distracted. Plus, even if you’re a perfect driver, you can’t control what others do on the road. But while you can’t create ideal road conditions, you can get a vehicle that’s equipped with advanced driver-assist features, like a used Kia Sorento, so you’re ready to handle unpredictable drivers. With all of the advancements we have in safety features, you no longer have to rely solely on your reaction time to prevent accidents. With cameras, radar, sonar, and automatic systems, the Sorento can take over braking and steering in those moments when seconds matter. These are features that parents naturally love, but anyone who wants to feel safer on the road will appreciate them.

If you are shopping for a safe family SUV to take on Corpus Christi, consider a recent model year used Kia Sorento. It will have the driver assist features we discussed above, as well as most of the infotainment features you’d find in the current year models. With seating configurations for six or seven, tons of cargo space, and a comfortable cabin, there’s so much to love about the Sorento, including these driver-assist features.