Oil Change

Rely on the Best for Your Vehicle’s Vital Needs

At Victory Kia we know the importance of regular maintenance for your vehicle and keeping up with routine oil changes is vital to keep your vehicle performing at its best. Our certified technicians are Kia experts and they use only Genuine Kia parts and specified fluids. We will help you stay informed on your oil changes so all you have to do is enjoy your Kia and get a reminder when it’s time. Not to mention, while you wait for your oil change you can enjoy comforts such as refreshments, Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and more. You won’t be here long though with how efficiently our technicians work!

Know Your Kia


When it comes to maintaining the oil in your Kia, it’s not only important to keep up with regular oil changes, but it’s vital to also know when oil levels might be low. If you begin to notice oil stains on the floor under your vehicle, you might have an oil leak. Give us a call and we will get your vehicle in our service center for inspection right away. Another way to know if there are issues with you Kia’s oil levels is with the helpful low oil indicator light on your vehicle's dashboard. If this light comes on while you are driving or stays on after you start your vehicle, safely pull over and give us a call so our technicians can help you avoid serious damage to your engine.

Need More Information?

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