Guide to Jump Start Another Car with Jumper Cables

Before you attempt to jump-start another car with jumper cables, make sure you’re wearing safety glasses and have on a good pair of work gloves. Once the two cars are close enough that the jumper cables can reach, turn off the car lights and engine, then open the hoods.

Grab the red jumper cable, attach it securely to the positive terminal of the good battery. Do the same with the other red cable to the bad battery. Now take the black jumper cable, attach securely to the negative side of the good battery, but then use the last black cable to ground the system to metal on the car being jumped.

Now you can start the car, and then leave it running a few minutes. Try to start the other car a few times. Bring your vehicle in to our service center here at Victory Kia and our crew will test the battery for signs of trouble.