Drivers make lane changes all the time. They make untold numbers of lane changes throughout their driving lives. One day, unfortunately, a simple lane change can turn into an unexpected accident. A common reason for the accident is the driver didn't see another vehicle in a blind spot. Every year, sadly, 300 people die in the United States due to blind spot-related accidents. Modern blind-spot monitor technology, thankfully, can help drivers hoping to avoid accidents.

Even when you look carefully at the next lane and check your mirrors, a blind spot may still exist. Both the human eye and assisting mirrors have their limitations. A blind-spot monitor scans the area near a car and takes note of anything entering the proximity. The monitor provides an alert to a driver.

The alert, hopefully, keeps a driver from making a lane change. Even with the monitor, drivers in Victoria, TX should rely on their performance on the road for safety.

And how about coming to Victory Kia to take a car out for a safe test drive today?

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