There are several parts of a vehicle that depend upon others in order for it to function properly. Some parts are more essential than others and without them, your vehicle will be totally inoperable. The car battery is one of those parts.

Simply put, when the battery is dead so is the entire car. That’s because the car battery provides the electrical power needed to make the car run. With this in mind, car batteries should be selected carefully and serviced regularly to avoid inconveniences caused by an inoperable vehicle.

A typical car battery lasts about 3-4 years, or even longer if the vehicle isn't driven every day, as doing so keeps the battery charged. To avoid a breakdown due to a dead car battery, you should have it checked every year during your annual maintenance. At your local Victoria, TX Victory Kia, we can assist you in finding out whether or not your car battery needs to be replaced or serviced.

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