The saying "blow a gasket" refers to someone losing his/her temper. The literal definition comes from troubles associated with a car. Some may feel surprised when provided with the origins of the saying. They don't know what a gasket is until the time comes to replace one.

A gasket remains a small but essential part inside a car. Gaskets are made of rubber and act as seals in a car's engine. When too mating surfaces come together, there will be gaps. Positioning the gasket between the surfaces creates an all-important seal.

Gaskets don't last forever. Rubber breaks down over time. Once a gasket degrades, it cannot do its job anymore. Leaks then occur. A worn gasket requires replacing right away. Delays on replacing a gasket are ill-advised.

Are you worried about leaks and other troubles associated with your engine? Come down to our service department at Victory Kia in Victoria, TX to get work done.

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