How to Control Pet Hair

When you have a pet, it’s natural for pet hair to find its way into your car. At Victory Kia, we have a few tips to help you control pet hair inside your car, especially when you’re cleaning. It will make detailing your car in Victoria, TX that much easier.

Create static in order to help lift the pet hair out of the upholstery and flooring. This can be done by blowing up a balloon and rubbing it across the surfaces. You can also wear a pair of gloves and spray water down on the upholstery. Then, rub your hands across the fabric.

If you’re going to use a vacuum, invest in a rubber bristled brush that goes on the end. It will make it easier for you to get all of the hairs that have woven themselves into the upholstery on your seats and throughout all of the carpeted mats.

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