The Dangers of Oversteering

At Victory Kia, we make a point of helping our clients and customers get the most use and safety out of their vehicles. On the safety front, keeping vehicles stable is key to proper operations. Unfortunately, many experienced drivers can fall prey to various road-based hazards, and one of these is the issue of oversteering.

Drivers of vehicles that have rear-wheel drive and powerful engines may be vulnerable to the dangers of oversteering. Oversteering is a flaw in vehicle stability, and when this happens the rear-ends of affected vehicles can skid to one side or the other. If this happens, it can cause severe loss of vehicular control and consequent accidents. In extreme cases of oversteering, entire vehicles can completely spin around.

Some of the causes of oversteering include giving rear-wheel drive vehicles too much gas or steering hastily when traveling at high speeds.

In order to counteract the effects of oversteering, drivers should turn into skids whenever possible and avoid steering aggressively while in spins.

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