Off-roading is not an art form—it is a science. The more you experience driving the back roads and trails, the better an off-road driver you become. Off-roading is full of pitfalls. The paved road of your neighborhood in Victoria do not compare to the bumps, shakes, and crunches that you encounter when traveling the backcountry.

When you are a beginner, stick with the well-maintained off-road trails recommended by off-road enthusiasts in your area. Gradually move to more dangerous routes as you gain experience. Remember, caution is the name of the game when off-roading. Hidden cliff-sides come up abruptly whether you are at the top or the bottom of the cliff.

If you have any questions about appropriate routes in the area, come to Victory Kia for a quick advisory session on the safest ways to take and how to graduate to harder terrain.

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