Here at Victory Kia in Victoria, TX, our team wants to help you care for your car so that it stays in optimal condition. Dog owners are sure to understand how easy it is for dog hair to accumulate in their vehicles, but you can follow these prevention and cleaning tips to help keep your cabin clean.

You can harness the power of electricity to remove dog hair from your cabin with rubber gloves, bristled attachments on vacuums, and balloons. If you blow up a balloon and rub it on the upholstery, the static will collect dog hair that's hard to remove. When using rubber gloves, be sure to spray the area lightly with water before you begin.

Investing in a seat cover can be a good way to keep sand, dirt, and water off your upholstery, and brushing your dog before a ride in the car can remove loose fur and keep it away from the cabin.

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