Avoiding a Tire Blowout is Easier If You Know What to Look For

Although it can be hard to predict when a tire on your car could fail, there are ways to identify issues that could prevent bigger issues.

Perhaps you recently ran your vehicle hard into a curb or ran over something while driving on the road. If the front-end alignment is off, then the vehicle is going to wear tires in an uneven pattern that could lead to significant damage or tire failure.

Avoiding a tire blowout could be as simple as taking a closer look at the tire treads more frequently. Take five minutes from your day and look to see if the tire tread has uneven wear patterns, bulges, cracks, or sections of the tread that appear to be separating from the rest of the tire.

Bring your vehicle to our service center at Victory Kia so the tire technician can get eyes on the tire tread and spot potential issues that could lead to a blowout.

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