Appreciate the Versatility of Crossover SUVs

A crossover SUV has a versatile design that adapts to various settings. Drivers in Victoria will appreciate the utility of such a vehicle that's ready to navigate urban roads. Victory Kia offers models that are available with two or three rows of seating.

If you're looking for an efficient crossover SUV for short daily trips, select a model that has a small powertrain. For example, a four-cylinder engine block with an automatic shutoff function is available in some vehicles. You could also look for an edition that has custom driving modes that are optimized for good fuel economy. The ECO Mode is a common feature in compact crossover SUVs that are lightweight and agile.

When equipped with a 4WD system, this type of vehicle can roll on off-road trails. A rear differential boosts traction on rocks, mud, gravel, and other surfaces. Additionally, custom off-road driving modes are available in some rugged models.

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