Tackle Your Hazy Headlights with These Household Products

Many drivers are surprised to hear that they can restore their hazy headlights with nothing more than a few basic household items. This quick and inexpensive project will improve your safety and the safety of everyone around you whenever you hit the road at night.

Practically any mild abrasive can be used to clean and polish a headlight. Some people use super fine sandpaper and toothpaste while others prefer insect repellent and steel wool. Before cleaning the headlights, you must first cover the nearby paint so that it doesn’t become scratched or stained. After the paint is covered, you can then scrub the grime and dead bugs off of the headlights.

If your headlights need to be replaced entirely, then the team here at Victory Kia can help. Our service center in Victoria, TX is proud to offer affordable maintenance and repairs.

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