AutoPacific Presents 2017 Ideal Vehicle Award to New KIA Sportage

Every year, AutoPacific hands out the "Ideal Vehicle Award" to the vehicle with the highest consumer satisfaction rating. The results are based on a survey administered to drivers within the first 90 days of ownership and overlooks 15 different categories such as safety features and ride handling. This year, there were over 54 thousand responses, and the participants voted in favor of the new KIA Sportage.

This award is essentially a testimony to the craftsmanship with which the new KIA Sportage was made. Designed with an alluring style and engineered to perform gracefully, this SUV is a none other than a first-class option. Now in its fourth generation, it also provides more power and greater comfort and convenience than ever before, making it a desirable vehicle to own. It comes as no surprise then that this SUV not only meets but exceeds the expectations of new car buyers.

Curious to see why people love the new KIA Sportage? Then come to Victoria KIA so you can see it personally. With a test drive around our dealership in Victoria, Texas, you can get a feel for all the benefits that come with driving a KIA.

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