What Makes 4WD and AWD So Different Anyway?

Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) sound the same, don't they. A lot of people are confused about the differences between the two. Let's take a look at the differences.

What is a Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-Wheel Drive is for off-road terrain. If you continue to drive off-road frequently, then 4WD is your best option. You usually have to turn it on manually, and it provides extra traction to get you through tough terrain.

Why All-Wheel Drive Would Be Preferable to You?

With All-Wheel Drive, the car's computers monitor the road and automatically provide extra power to individual tires when they're needed. You don't have to think about it, the car just does it on its own. It's a great choice if you just need some extra power now and then for inclement conditions.

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