What the Indicator Lights of Your Kia Mean

If your warning lights come on, then you need to take action; don't just ignore the warning. If you ignore your warning lights, then you will end up with a much worse problem on your hands. If you have any warning lights come on in your car, be sure to bring it down so that we can take care of it here at Victory Kia.

There are many indicator lights on your dash-many of them will probably never come on, and that's a good thing. But over time you will eventually encounter at least one or two. You may have your oil change reminder light come on the most often, and this indicator light is simply there to remind you that your oil needs to be changed. If your low tire pressure light comes on then, you need to get your tires properly inflated, or you may even have a leak.

If you’re confused by the meaning of a dashboard indicator light in your Kia model, then our team at Victory Kia is eager to use our knowledge to help inform you. Plan on learning more with us at 714 E Rio Grande Street!

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