The 2021 Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition

2021 Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition

What started with the Kia Telluride, the larger of the Kia SUV’s, has now made its way to the smaller but still popular Kia Sportage. When the Nightfall Edition was released it was exclusive to the Telluride, but 2021 is a year of change, even for car manufacturers. Deciding to open up the exclusivity of the Nightfall Edition that has been incredibly popular on the Telluride is a strategic move for the Kia brand. 

What is the Nightfall Edition?

The Nightfall Edition is a new trim level package that has been added to the Kia Sportage for 2021 after becoming popular on the Kia Telluride. This is a package that is meant to make your Kia Sportage look like it is always ready for a night out. It is an aesthetic package that aims to impress drivers drawn to sleek and dark looks. It gives the feel of a luxury drive without the luxury price. 

The most obvious features are on the outside and trust us, the Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition makes an incredible first impression. With dark, sleek lines in a piano black trim with complementary dark exterior colors, this edition of the Kia Sportage will be unmistakable.

While the outside is most noticeable and eye catching, the interior is just as impressive on this edition. There are two versions of the Kia Sportage Nightfall. They are both amazing editions but the premium does offer better interior features if you have the space in your budget to accommodate the price difference. 

Both editions have high quality materials used on the inside and a sleek, modern look. But the premium has upgraded tech features that make the extra money worth it. 

Models with Nightfall Edition Available

The Nightfall Edition is not available on all of the Kia Sportage trim levels. In fact, it is exclusive only to the S trim levels. The Nightfall Edition is a package that can be added to these trim levels for added style and features. Even with the extra assets, the Kia Sportage Nightfall is still a budget-friendly SUV. 

There is a Nightfall Edition as well as a Nightfall Premium edition. This offers layers of features so the price can be even more tailored to the needs and the budget of the driver. 

What Does the Nightfall Edition Look Like?

The Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition has a unique look to it that will have other commuters turning their heads on the highway. But for simplicity’s sake, the new Nightfall Edition looks nocturnal. This midsize SUV looks like it belongs out only on dark, moonless nights. With blacked out grills and other features to add to the mysterious look, there is no denying the beauty and luxury feel of this new edition. 

The interior is just as sleek as the exterior. With leather interior, upgraded tech, heated and ventilated seats, as well as folding rear seats for extra storage, the Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition is not only attractive, it is also functional. 

When Will the Kia Sportage Nightfall Edition Hit Showrooms?

The 2021 Kia Sportage has already arrived on showroom floors all across the country. If you are ready to schedule your test drive and see the new Nightfall Edition in person, call Victory Kia today.